Mega Season Preview Podcast!

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 It's finally here! Well... sort of. Training camp starts next week signaling the end of the offseason. With that we are going to take a look at all aspects of the Thunder heading into this next season. Who will start at the shooting guard? Jeremy Lamb? Reggie Jackson? Andre Roberson? Anthony Morrow? Perry Jones? Oh... and will Steven Adams get the starting nod over Kendrick Perkins? Will Mitch McGary play significant minutes this year? What do we do with Reggie Jackson's contract situation? All these questions and more are answered in or Mega Season Preview Podcast!

 Part I of our season preview podcast includes Carson Cunningham and Bryan Keating of KOCO 5 and Nick Gallo of the Oklahoma City Thunder:

 Part II of our season preview podcast includes Royce Young of ESPN and and Steve McPherson of, A Wolf Among Wolves, and Hardwood Paroxysm:

 Part III of our season preview podcast includes the usual Down to Dunk Podcast crew breaking down and having fun with predictions of the upcoming season:

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