The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the more interesting stories to start the NBA season, and not for good reasons. Today we discuss how the Thunder are looking so far this season. (HINT: It has been up and down) 

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 Today we address the current state of the Oklahoma City Thunder... and it's not pretty. Who is going to step up for this team to win games? Ish Smith? Does he play? Will Perry Jones or Jeremy Lamb be firmly in the rotation come playoff time? Can the Thunder even make the playoffs? Too many questions. On to more positive things. The Golden State Warriors are off to a fantastic start. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have been spectacular and Steve Kerr seems like the right fit. The Houston Rockets, despite their horrendous offseason, seem to be one of the best in the west with the addition of Trevor Ariza. The Memphis Grizzlies, Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors and Dallas Mavs are also cruising through the first part of this season. What is wrong with the Cavs?! Are there any new title contenders? We discuss this Miffed and Peeved, Say What Stat and much much more. Listen and comment below!


So we have entered into the reality that the Thunder are in trouble. We are at the Down to Dunk Podcast are in complete denial of this. We break down the Thunder's first two games against the Trail Blazers and the Clippers. How were the Thunder in those games? What is Brooks doing? Sebastian Telfair? We also answer your questions via Twitter including what game show would we want Steven Adams to be on.
We break down the Thunders games up until the December 5th showdown against the 76ers D-Leaguers. Can they stay afloat? What will their record be come December 5th? We have that for you on todays podcast.
We talk about Anthony Davis and his first game of the season. Can he be MVP?
We are starting an NBA stocks game run by our very own Taylor Dickerson. We would love for you to participate. Listen and comment below if you want in!

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